Install Uk Supporting Energy Efficiency

The British Standards Institution (BSI) energy performance label can help you determine how well a product will perform the functions of:

  • Helping you contain and conserve heat within your building in the winter.
  • Cool it in summer.
  • Keep out the wind and resist condensation

The A-G rating system provides a powerful means of promoting energy-efficient windows to the consumer and should help the government give incentives to promote their uptake. Already, windows with a C rating or higher are endorsed by the Energy Saving Trust’s ‘Energy Efficiency recommended’ scheme and may carry the EER logo.


Roof lanterns

  • Weather resistant -5 degrees pitched kerb allowing the water to drain off the glazing unit unto the existing flat roof
  • Overall U Value (double glazing and frame) 1.3 w/m2k
  • Glass U Value 1.0 w/m2k
  • Standard toughened double glazed spec – 6mm/16mm gas/6mm Low e (U Value 1.0 w/m2k) AVAILABLE IN
  • White, grey and black • Grey on white• Black on white
  • Minimalist design with ultra-low sightlines
  • Now up to 2000 x 4000
  • No boss and hood• Slim sightlines internally• Low sightlines externally• Triple glazed available• U Value as low as 0.6 w/m2k